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These are codes that I have posted on various forums/discord.


In-game timers

29/11/21 | 276
Self Explanatory
If you get a global 'os' (a nil value error). This is because you are using an old game_bot file.
Check the second file down below for the fix

Container Config

23/11/21 | 1k
If you play Evolunia, I have added open lootbag if it isn't open.

A modified version of this script is now built into vBot.
You can now open all backpacks in your inventory or just selected.
Its possible to overwrite your current backpacks. If you add a red backpack to the list it...

Charm Equipper - (onHotkey)

01/01/20 | 322
Add this your bot config file stored in %appdata%\OTClientV8\
Charm purse and the Charm storage backpack must be open.

Drop items multiple locations

10/10/21 | 174
This allows you to specify multiple locations to drop items.
If your char is within "dropDistance" it will drop the items to that location.

Ammo Slot Counter Label

10/10/21 | 218
This adds a label to the rightSlot so you can count your ammo.
This is only an example but it works for burst arrows.

Kill Count

16/10/21 | 466
This tracks the amount of kills per session
use killList = {} to clear the list.
Added new interface and added reset button.
This will only work if your server is sending loot messages from monsters. - example Fire elemental won't be tracked.

vBot Alarms

29/09/21 | 298
Add - Ignore Party, warn name
This is based on vBot 3.45

Damage Highscores

19/10/21 | 508
Shows ingame max damage against creature and players.
Mode (line 50) will need to be set according to your server.
OxygenOT uses 28. Other servers use 21 for damage dealt. Just uncomment -- warn(mode) and attack something and it will show you which number you need to enter.

Buff Cast

09/08/21 | 302
This is used for spells from OxygenOT.
Utito, Recovery, Party.
Allows you to select which vocation you play.

Auto Party + Exp Share

09/10/21 | 544
New version released
The newest version can listen for players moving so they don't need to go off screen.
create a new file in your bot config. eg: autoparty.lua and copy the code into there.
A older smaller version is also on down below. oldautoparty.lua.

Smarter skull targeting

01/01/20 | 440
This will target creatures with a black skull first, then other skulls and then lowest health found.

Auto Follow

01/01/20 | 388
This will auto follow the player named in the textbox.
If you activate follow change it will change the target when you follow someone and your char moves position

Use same config for all chars

01/01/20 | 582
This will allow you to use multiple storage files for the same bot config
Open your OtClient folder and open \modules\game_bot\bot.lua

Find the text -- storage and replace with the code below.
You can then copy the contents of your previous storage.json into the new file an...

NPC interact right click

02/10/21 | 184
If you use the newest version of OTCv8 this will work without downloading the updated game-bot.
It needs onAttackingCreatureChange which is in the newer version.
I have included an updated Which is just based off the one included in Evolunia right now as it uses a ...

Cut Webs/Wooden Bars

01/07/21 | 222
Searches around a player for webs/wooden bars and repeat cuts the first found until broken.

Creatures HP Percentage

01/07/21 | 310
Shows HP Percent on Change of Creature/Player when within 5 squares.

Position onLook

01/01/20 | 200
Look messages are generated server side, but the message for look is mode 20, so you can listen for mode 20 textmessages and then just get the position from the tile under your cursor.

Bot Tabs Example

17/11/21 | 162
This will allow you to add tabs to your bot. I will not be supporting this.
This is an example only. If you do not know how to use it, then you shouldn't be using it.
Its not perfect but its an example. If you are coding your own interfaces you will know what to do with it.
You d...

Orb Counter

17/11/21 | 112
This counts orbs when you stand on them.

vBot item loot list

11/11/21 | 146
Add these to the targetbot\looting.lua file
These are just examples and I will not be supporting them.
If you don't know how they work then you have no need to use them.

Last Exiva

09/11/21 | 238
This will cast Exiva on the last person you exiva'd as long as the chat can be read.
You will need to replace the mode values with your servers values.
I will not be supporting/updating this. - so do not even ask.

Autoloot on Look

08/11/21 | 164

Use nearby doors

19/10/21 | 148
This will use doors nearby, use with MC on follow.

Walk on monster soul

14/10/21 | 152
This will walk on monster souls when added to map.

Drop extra pots

05/10/21 | 182
This was requested, only quickly tested let me know if any issues.

Change FPS

05/10/21 | 166
This changes the current FPS to whatever value you want without sliding the slider.

Stand - vbot extension

21/09/21 | 206
This allows you to add a stand button inside the bot so you can tell bot to stand 1 square away from where you are facing.
Edit your CONFIGNAME\vBot\cavebot.lua add this line as you would with other extensions. dofile("/cavebot/stand.lua")
create a file CONFIGNAME\cavebot\stand.lua a...

Bot Quick config change

19/09/21 | 204
This allows you to quickly switch config.
I used to have it so on player in war attacked it would switch to war profile.

Open next container

12/09/21 | 172
This will open the next backpack if only contains 1 item and iscontainer

Cavebot Player Toggle

28/08/21 | 304
This turns off Cavebot if player is off screen, allows follow char to catch up.

Choose Outfit

09/08/21 | 210
Uses the outfit window randomise to select an outfit.
I don't recommend you use this but its just an example on how to use other modules.

OrangeText Alert

25/07/21 | 272
alerts player when keyword is found as OrangeText.
Your orangetext may have a different mode. uncomment the warn if you need to find the mode id.

TargetBot Blacklist

24/07/21 | 536
Add blacklisted items to TargetingBot.
Example from 1.3

Exchange Tokens

09/07/21 | 256
Exchanges tokens when 1000 found in open backpacks.

Talk To Npc on Attack

01/07/21 | 226
Target an NPC to say Hi, Trade.

Close Channel

01/07/21 | 172
Closes a Channel Tab

Warn on Specific Creature Appear

01/07/21 | 230
Alerts when a creature with [B] in the name appears.

Login Next Character

01/07/21 | 242
Clicking the button will login the next character in your character list.

TargetBot Toggle

25/06/21 | 416

Fight Mode Toggle

12/06/21 | 310
Toggles current fight mode depending on amount of mobs around.

Goto Label when player on screen

10/06/21 | 274
When a player appears on screen, make cavebot goto label.

BotServer send position

10/06/21 | 294
This uses OTClient bot server, setup with Vitrax config.vBot
on pagedown press it'll send the position of current player to bot server and all chars will try to run to that pos.

Find Chat in channel

26/05/21 | 278

Toggle Auto-reconnect

26/05/21 | 294
changeReconnect(true) or changeReconnect(false)

Clear Channel

26/05/21 | 216
call: clearChannel('Server Log')

Rename Backpack/Container Names

26/05/21 | 318
First script will rename all open backpacks.
Second will rename the container on open.

Summon Vocation Familiar

26/05/21 | 342
This uses functions from Vithrax's Library.

Use Divine Dazzle

26/05/21 | 352
This will cast the spell if there are 2 or more creatures between 2-6 squares away and have more than 5-% mana.

Reopen Backpack

26/05/21 | 554
First will auto open on a timer
Second will auto open when first container closes.

Click modal window

10/06/21 | 410
This allows you to click an activate modal window if default button has been set to enter.
Change the name to the name of the item you want.
There are 3 version to this. Each does it owns thing.
1: clicks a modal window when it has title "teleports" (this needs onModalDialog callback f...

Open PMs in new tab

01/05/21 | 350
Opens any new PMS in a new tab, (i like to be able to see the chat in console as well as i'm usually on default, so toggling that option stopped seeing them in the main tab.) I'm sure there's a shorter way of doing this.

Switch Next Char

01/05/21 | 262

Actionbar per character

01/01/20 | 538
edit game_actionbar\actionbar.lua.
Find function online() and replace whole thing with code below.

Drop to Pos

01/01/20 | 412

Evolunia collecting

01/01/20 | 488
This one does all the collecting, boxes, essences, portals.
Change "useLunia = true" to "useLunia = false" if you use the OTC client for walking etc. delete between the lines at the top if you already have those functions in your macro config.

Drop item to Mouse

01/01/20 | 306
This will drop an item to mouse cursor position on hotkey press.

Hide Trees

19/10/21 | 370
This will change trees into bushes (for finding loot bags). It only changes what you see.
Just add the ID to the tree array.

Active cooldown print (onHotkey)

01/01/20 | 380
This will print in chat the number of any active cooldowns.
I used this for my spell caster to get all the IDs of unknown spells on custom servers such as Evolunia

Active cooldown print (onSpellCast)

01/01/20 | 374
This will print in chat the number of any active cooldowns when you cast a spell
I used this for my spell caster to get all the IDs of unknown spells on custom servers such as Evolunia

Move green text to channel

01/01/20 | 474
Add first edits to: modules/game_textmessage/textmessage.lua
Add the second edit to your bot config.

Auto Mount

01/01/20 | 318
Add this to your bot config. First will check mount every 5 seconds outside of PZ and mount if not mounted.
Second will check for mount everytime you move.

Use Item Around

01/01/20 | 416