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Debug - Get Outfit #82
This allows you to get the outfit of a creature/player/npc and print it to debug in a right click menu. I used this for finding values for outfits of existing creatures without having to go through the monster files.
Just add this to your client game_interface under the right click menu .
File: gameinterface.lua | 275b | 8 lines.
  Script made by Lee (Discord: l33_) -
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  PS. Stop ripping off my work and selling it as your own.
  if creatureThing then
      menu:addOption(tr('Print Outfit', creatureName), function()
        print("Outfit for: "..creatureThing:getName())
        for key, stat in pairs(creatureThing:getOutfit()) do
          print(key..':' .. stat)

12 Mar 2022