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AutoLoader- vBot extensions #75
This allows you to drag and drop extensions into vBot without editing the vBot cavebot.lua file to load them.
Find tile CONFIGNAME\vBot\cavebot.lua
Find --dofile("/cavebot/extension_template.lua")
And add the code below on the line below it.
Create a folder called "extensions" in path CONFIGNAME\vBot\cavebot
File: cavebot.lua | 396b | 9 lines.
local configName = modules.game_bot.contentsPanel.config:getCurrentOption().text
local extFiles = g_resources.listDirectoryFiles("/bot/" .. configName .. "/cavebot/extensions", false, false)
for i, file in ipairs(extFiles) do
  local ext = file:split(".")
  if ext[#ext]:lower() == "lua"  then

24 Dec 2021