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Use Shovel on Sand #72
This uses a shovel on sand and goes down a hole if hole exists.
It needs to be added to your existing cavebot file (cavebot_configs\filename.cfg) or the functions remade in the GUI,
-first position is the position next to hole.
-g_map.getTile position is thehole position
-last goto position is hole.

This is for the tarpits in the map I have, but not tested its position on other servers, its a simple copy and paste, doubt i'll do any more with it.

If it spawns a scarab or w.e it'll prob just endless loop as you'll need to put more checks in
449b | 20 lines.
  Script made by Lee (Discord: l33_) -
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  PS. Stop ripping off my work and selling it as your own.
goto:33233, 32703, 7,0

local tile = g_map.getTile({ x = 33233, y = 32704, z = 7})
local item = tile:getItems()[1] -- first item should be 231
if item and item:getId() == 231 then -- sand
    useWith(3457, item)
elseif item and item:getId() == 615 then -- hole
    return true

return true

goto:33233, 32704, 7,0

24 Dec 2021