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gamebot hotkey #109
This allows you to add hotkey to the game_bot.
You can either modify the game_bot itself to add the hotkey or add it to a bot config.
File: bot.lua | 129b | 2 lines.
 -- add this line to the bot.lua file (see link above).
g_keyboard.bindKeyPress('Ctrl+M', function() enableButton.onClick() end)
- remove | + add
File: bot_config.lua | 274b | 6 lines.
 -- Using a bot config add this to a file.
local gRoot = modules.game_interface.getRootPanel()
if not gRoot.botHotkeySet then
  g_keyboard.bindKeyDown('Ctrl+M', function() modules.game_bot.contentsPanel.enableButton.onClick() end, gRoot)
  gRoot.botHotkeySet = true
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18 Dec 2022