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Autoloot on Look #67
401b | 10 lines.
  Script made by Lee (Discord: l33_) -
  If you want to support my work, feel free to donate at
  PS. Stop ripping off my work and selling it as your own.
local doAutoLootLook = macro(5000, "Auto Loot on Look", "F1",  function() end)
onTextMessage(function(mode, text)
    if mode == 20 and text:find("You see") and doAutoLootLook:isOn() then
        local regex = [[You see (?:an|a)([a-z A-Z]*).]]
        local data = regexMatch(text, regex)[1]
        if data and data[2] then
            say('!autoloot add, '[2]:trim())

08 Nov 2021