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Active cooldown print (onSpellCast) #11
This will print in chat the number of any active cooldowns when you cast a spell
I used this for my spell caster to get all the IDs of unknown spells on custom servers such as Evolunia
912b | 24 lines.
  Script made by Lee (Discord: l33_) -
  If you want to support my work, feel free to donate at
  PS. Stop ripping off my work and selling it as your own.
local cdDebug = macro(2000, "Cooldown print", function() end)
onTalk(function(name, level, mode, text, channelId, pos)
    if cdDebug.isOff() then return end
    if name ~= player:getName() then return end
    if mode ~= 34 then return end

    local cStr = {}
    local gStr = {}
    for i = 1, 255 do
        if (modules.game_cooldown.isCooldownIconActive(i)) then table.insert(cStr, i) end
        if i <= 4 then
            if (modules.game_cooldown.isGroupCooldownIconActive(i)) then
                table.insert(gStr, i)

    if table.getn(cStr) >= 1 or table.getn(gStr) >= 1 then
        modules.game_textmessage.displayGameMessage('Active Cooldowns: ' .. table.concat(cStr, ', ')..
                '\nGroup Cooldowns: ' .. table.concat(gStr, ', '))
        modules.game_textmessage.displayGameMessage('No active cooldowns')

01 Jan 2020