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Move green text to channel #15
Add first edits to: modules/game_textmessage/textmessage.lua
Add the second edit to your bot config.
File: textmessage.lua | 593b | 15 lines.
-- add these to the MessageSettings array
lootGreen     = { color =,  consoleTab='Loot'},
textGreen     = { color =,  consoleTab='Green Text',   consoleOption='showInfoMessagesInConsole' },

-- replace the  MessageTypes array, MessageModes .Loot and .Look to this
  [MessageModes.Look] = MessageSettings.textGreen,
  [MessageModes.Loot] = MessageSettings.lootGreen,

--to fix party loot not showing in channel
-- find:
-- if msgtype == MessageSettings.none then return end

--Add this above
if string.find(text, "Loot of") then msgtype = MessageTypes[29] end
File: config.lua | 126b | 2 lines.
local tab = modules.game_console.addChannel(tr('Loot'), 98)
local tab = modules.game_console.addChannel(tr('Green Text'), 99)

01 Jan 2020