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These are codes that I have posted on various forums/discord.

I release scripts for free, they work on the servers I use them on.

UI Container Drag Drop

04/11/22 | 3.3K
Updated UI.Container to allow you to drag and drop into the first slot (always empty). Github
You will also need the image (On the github link or make your own).

Skills Hud

24/08/22 | 3.2K
Adds a skills HUD to the client. You can remove skills you don't want to see and customise colours for each skill.
If you have added the game_bot changes to your client, use the first file, hud_updated.lua, if not use hud_timer.lua.

The first file will not work without the changes...

Move green text to channel

01/01/20 | 2.8K
Add first edits to: modules/game_textmessage/textmessage.lua
Add the second edit to your bot config.

Discord Webhook

14/05/22 | 2.6K
This will allow you to send Webhook messages to a discord server.
I have no plans to help you set it up.
If you find a bug let me know.

gamebot hotkey

18/12/22 | 2.5K
This allows you to add hotkey to the game_bot.
You can either modify the game_bot itself to add the hotkey or add it to a bot config.

Exercise Dummy - Ext

01/07/22 | 2.3K
Allows you to use an exercise wand on a training dummy from the cavebot. (or any other items on something else, searches for item on screen.)
To install see my Auto extension loader code here

game_market Sell State

17/05/22 | 2.3K
This allows you to see the state of your auctions from the in-game market.

Actionbar per character

01/01/20 | 2.2K
edit game_actionbar\actionbar.lua.
Find function online() and replace whole thing with code below.

XenoBot Menu

26/02/22 | 1.9K
This will create a right click menu similar to Xenobot. If you use vBot, this feature is already built in and will break this if its enabled.

Loader All

10/10/22 | 1.9K
This allows you to have a single folder called .all, which contains the normal every day scripts, follow, party, etc etc in my %appdata%\otclientv8\CLIENT\bot folder.
This allows for cross profile scripts with only 1 edits needed, then just drop the code into Loader_All.lua (code modified from ...

Creature Distance from Player

24/08/22 | 1.9K
Shows text on a creature with distance from player.

Combobox Parent Width

25/04/22 | 1.7K
This allows you to set the width of a comboox to match the parent size.
This then lets you set the combo box for all the configs in the bot to have a scroll bar and width match the parent to see longer names

minimap pos

12/06/22 | 1.5K
Adds coords to minimap, allows you to copy mouse cursor tile location to clipboard using a hotkey.

App Title+Char Name

12/05/22 | 1.5K
This module renames the client to appname + character name.
Tested on Mehah and OTclientv8

Offline Alert Module

06/10/22 | 1.5K
This module allows you to get alerted when you go offline.
Drag and drop into modules folder, reload client and turn on the sound icon in the top left bar. You need to login with it enabled.

config hash to clipboard

29/05/22 | 1.5K
This copies the hash of a success config upload in vbot to clipboard.


06/08/22 | 1.3K
Adds a mouse scroll "hotkey" to the game window.

Get Outfits from Tile

26/07/22 | 1.2K
Get outfit of all creatures on tile onKeyPress

Miniwindow fix

17/06/23 | 708
This fixes the miniwindow issue that a few of the older clients has. (Evolunia)
Just open your terminal window (ctrl + t) and paste in the script below, then relog your character.