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Reload Spell ID Split #18
This allows you to use single lines of vocation id\'s like in the screenshot.
Find the file below
search for public function getVocations()
Replace the foreach with this
File: OTS_Spell.php | 388b | 14 lines.
foreach( $this->element->getElementsByTagName('vocation') as $vocation)
	if($vocation->getAttribute('id') != NULL) {
		$voc_id = explode(';', $vocation->getAttribute('id'));
	} else {
		$voc_id = $config['vocations_ids'][$vocation->getAttribute('name')];

	if(is_array($voc_id)) {
		$vocations = array_merge($vocations, $voc_id);
	} else {
		$vocations[] = $voc_id;

09 May 2021